“Dads” is a racist show that discriminates against Asians. It was created by Seth MacFarlane, who also created Family Guy.

The show portrays an Asian Woman as a slut who dresses up in a Sailor Moon outfit in order to cater to strange, foreign Asian businessmen. It also features several “normal” American characters who make discriminatory remarks about Asians.

What is most disturbing about this is not the racism itself, but the double standard. Had a show stereotyped blacks in a similar fashion, the entire nation would go into an uproar, and the creators would be censored and fired. However, since “Dads” picks only on Asians, most people on the Internet (blacks, whites and hispanics) have regarded this as a “joke” and that we need to “lighten up.”

Obviously, racism is protected by the First Amendment. Why then, is no one allowed to make fun of blacks? Or Jews? Because Asians are regarded as weak, easy targets. We are not given the same rights as other Americans, which is why we need to stand up for ourselves immediately.

These “jokes” have serious consequences. Not long ago, Private Daniel Chen committed suicide because his fellow American soldiers were constantly bullying him on a racial basis. Other reports indicate that other Asian Men have been committing suicide due to low self-esteem. These stereotypes enforce low self-esteem. Americans think the death of Asian people is funny. I do not find this funny at all.

I believe we as Asians should boycott “Dads” and anything else that discriminates against Asians. We can show Americans that we are an economic factor and that if they disrespect us, there will be financial consequences.

Also, if the creators of “Dads” were really so brave, they would try making fun of Jews, blacks and Muslims. Instead, they pick on the weak. We need to stop acting like the weak and defend our principles.


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